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James says "checkitout".

Till the age of 7 I lived in Edmundston, New Brunswick (CANADA). Then it was off to Montreal with my mother and brother.

I moved around quite a bit there:

Montreal (LeClaire, St-Dominique, Coloniale)
Westmount(Grosvenor, Kensington)
Pointe-Claire (Ambassador,Winston,Beechnut)

Being in the Army for three years I've spent time at Longue-Pointe, Valcartier and Fahrnam Bases. While working at the Goldstrike mine I stayed in Elko, Nevada.  I also worked in Ballarat, Australia at a mineral processing equipment manufacturer (Gekko Systems).

After finishing the Masters program with the department of Metals and Materials at U.B.C. I began to work as a research metallurgist with the Placer Dome Research Centre. I now live near Main and 25th (Sophia St.)with Lynn and Paula (roommates);


My room (click to see it cleaned up)

Henrik, Ready to Hike Juan de Fuca